Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Cheerful Heart volunteers return to clinic

 Cheerful Heart volunteers have returned to work at St. Joseph’s Oncology Clinic.  Due to the pandemic, in March 2020, non-essential volunteers were not allowed into the hospitals.  Today the hospital requires that volunteers be fully vaccinated and at least two weeks from the second shot. The St. Luke Oncology Clinic has yet to open for volunteers.

Established in 2002, Cheerful Heart volunteers began assisting at the Polson clinic when it was located in the Grandview Clinic Building just west of the hospital. In 2005 the Oncology Clinic moved to the third floor of St. Joseph Medical Center. In 2009-2010 the space was remodeled and became the Otto G. Klein Memorial Cancer Center.  The St. Luke Oncology Clinic was established in October 2017.

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Betty Bjork signed up to volunteer at the Polson Clinic on April 6. Betty has given her love and care to oncology patients for 19 years. Betty is a survivor and thriver of ovarian cancer first diagnosed in 1996. Betty’s husband, Marshall served on the Cheerful Heart Board of Directors for 17 years and as chair for many of those  years. Marshall retired from the board in April 2019.

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