Monday, September 21, 2020

Caring for scars and scar tissue that form after breast surgery or radiation

Scar tissue forms as part of the healing process after the skin is cut. A scar is fibrous tissue made of collagen that replaces the injured skin.  Breast cancer surgery or radiation therapy can cause scar tissue to form. Scar tissue can form around nerves causing nerve pain or numbness.
A lump of scar tissue forms in the hole left after breast tissue is removed. If scar tissue forms around a stitch from surgery it's called a suture granuloma and can feel like a lump. Scar tissue and fluid retention can change the breast appearance making breast tissue appear a little firmer or rounder than before surgery and/or radiation. If scar tissue is causing stiffness, pressure or pain, ask your doctor if physical therapy could help. In some cases, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove scar tissue that is very painful or stiff. 

Creams, ointments, or gels can help fade or lighten scars. These can be purchased over-the-counter or prescribed by a doctor. Some complementary and holistic medicine techniques have been shown to ease pain associated with scars,  One Cheerful Heart volunteer, who has had breast surgery twice, uses the pulp of wheatgrass and keeps it on the skin by using press and seal. She says it works like magic, even on old scars. She picks up the wheatgrass pulp from a juicing bar and stores it in a baggie; or she grows  the wheatgrass and juices it herself.  She waits until the incision is healed, then presses the pulp onto the scar for a couple of months or until the scar disappears. She will watch television or read a couple of hours each night with the pulp on her skin.  She suggests wearing an old T-shirt because of staining.  Doctors are amazed at her results.

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