Friday, June 3, 2016

“A Series Of Catastrophes And Miracles”

Diane Rehm podcast:  Mary Elizabeth Williams:  “A Series Of Catastrophes And Miracles”  

Six years ago writer Mary Elizabeth Williams received a diagnosis of malignant melanoma. As the cancer spread through her body, she faced a grim prognosis. With little to lose, Williams seized the chance to take part in an early clinical trial for immunotherapy. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, which directly target the cancer, immunotherapy helps the immune system fight the disease. Her treatment completely eliminated the melanoma in her body. In a new book, Williams offers an intimate view into this chapter of her life and how she became a breakthrough case for the revolutionary field of immunotherapy.

Click on the link above and listen to Diane Rehm's interview with Mary Elizabeth.

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  1. I love reading this series of Catastrophes and Miracle because they every time posts the real story of a person which gives me goose bump.This time the story of Mary Williams is a example for all of us that we should never lose hopes!