Sunday, November 14, 2021

Update: Cheerful Heart services

Cheerful Heart Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara Morin, receives two of the quilts crafted by Polson Middle School students, Wica Brown and Julia Barnard.    
“I am not sure who was happier, Cheerful Heart volunteers or Oncology staff and patients, when volunteers were welcomed back to the clinic in April.” Volunteer Coordinator Barbara Morin continued, “ I guess you could say it was mutual. There are many familiar faces, as well as new ones. CH is thrilled to provide our services to the patients once again.” Cheerful Heart’s 15 active volunteers serve soup, snacks and drinks at the clinic, provide transportation, run errands, fix meals, etc.   Cheerful Touch was established in 2012 to help cancer patients with hair loss and skin problems. Renee, owner of Salon Envy in Polson, has worked hard to give back and help patients feel better with a hair cut and style, wig styling, skin care and new make up. Renee will help patients with head coverings of all kinds. Massage therapists joined the program to offer massages either in their business or in-home. Cheerful Touch services are subsidized by Cheerful Heart. Support Group organizers, Coy Theobalt and Charlie Davis, connected with several group members throughout the summer. They will restart the Support Group when COVID cases decrease in Lake County and vaccinations increase. For more information or assistance requests on any of the services provided by Cheerful Heart, call 883-3070 and leave a message or email 

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